Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Fat Bird's Dinner

Now before any of you go and get all offended, the fat bird is Me. I went on a hen weekend recently (and had a fantastic time, thanks ladies!) but was horrified at some of the photo's I consequently saw on Facebook. My ass is Huge! It's been sat on in front of a pc for months now (thanks to my job) and has been neglected.

It's time to stop moaning about it, get off said fat ass and do something to make it smaller. In comes my discovery of Ryvita with Sesame Seeds. Despite looking like cardboard, they are actually rather nice (note my shock and pleasant surprise....) especially when spread with Philadelphia Light with Sweet Chilli. And so begins my latest health kick. I'm fast approaching the big Four Oh and I figure it's high time I started looking after myself. Giving up the smokes and caffeine are impossible options right now so I'll have to take the 'you are what you eat' approach. I don't want to be skinny so I won't eat a skinny person. Plus there's the snarly legalities of that one... let's not go there eh?

I just want to feel comfortable in my own skin again. There is no 'goal weight' and none of this 'I want to lose a stone by Christmas' crap. I'm just going to make more of an effort to look after 'me'.

As I was making my terribly healthy lunch today, the warehouse chaps came into the kitchen with bags of Chips. Complete with salt and vinegar!
Oh my God, they smelt so good! Rotten bleeders. They heard quite a lot of unladylike language whilst they ate, from me and a few of the office ladies. All with a smile and some laughter of course :-) I even managed to resist the urge to beat them to the ground with my Ryvita and run away with their bounty. Go me!

Then the exercise.... Ugh! I hate it but I Know I need to do it. I'm thinking Zumba. The other half mentioned it 3 times last week so I think he's planning to buy it for me for my birthday or Christmas. I think it's a bit of a cheek to give such a gift to be honest. It's like saying 'here ya go fatty, go lose some weight'. How rude! Even if I do know my waistline is expanding.....

I'm a size 16. I know I will never be a size 12 again and I don't care. I have no idea how much I weigh and I don't want to know either. I just want to 'feel' better and like what I see when I catch a glimpse of my bum in the mirror. I like my curves and want them to stay; I just want a smaller bum.... and maybe a flatter stomach. And besides, I like corsets. Love them in fact. You gotta have curves to look good in a corset.... in my humble opinion.

The Gorgeous, Curvy Ashley Graham - an interview with the lovely Ashley

I was going to post a nice pic of the beautiful Crystal Renn (former plus-size model), but she appears to no longer believe her own words from way back in 2009.... she is now Very Thin. So much for being proud of her curves.... And her boobs have vasnished. So ner.