Wednesday, 14 March 2012

And the winner is....

Shirley Jones Moore! Well done Shirley.... please private message me with your address so that I can forward your necklace
Shirley entered my facebook fanpage giveaway after the Bead Soup Party (I'm so loving right now...) and will be the proud new owner of this when we catch each other up:
I must admit I will be sad to see it go. So sad in fact that I contacted Dee who made it because I wanted to buy more of her lovely lampwork. And as luck would have it, she's having a little sale so I managed to snaffle some lovely goodies! Check out her page for some delicious bargains: Cherry Obsidia

Talking of delicious bargains... I have treated myself to some beading goodies this week. As well as Dee's Lampwork I am expecting delivery of some of this lovely stuff:
Gorgeous hand dyed mixed thread selections from therainbowgirl on etsy 
Beautiful lace from Lacebeauty, also on etsy.

After Lori's Bead Soup I am feeling quite brave and I want to experiment with my beading a bit more. I'm even going to try some bead embroidery. I know! Very girly and quite a shock to me too!

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Beads & Beyond Jewellery Maker of the Year Awards

Cast your Vote Ladies and Gents!

You know what to do.... click on the image to be re-directed to the vote form over at B&B.
It's nice to see some of my friends & acquaintances have been nominated as well as good old BD. Fingers crossed :)

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Kony 2012

Kony 2012. You're all grown up's and can decide for yourself

*11th March Update*

The Truth: Kony 2012 Exposed
Is it Fraud?

Killer toothbrush...!

OK I'm exaggerating again... :(
I felt the need to have a little rant today and so emailed a company who shall (for now at least) remain nameless. All joking aside (FB chat had me falling of the sofa with tears streaming), I'm really quite annoyed that such a silly, small object can cause a person injury. I can text, wash, type, drive... all the important stuff, but I can't bead! I can't grip a needle or a pair of pliers. Holding a pen is a bit of an issue too so I can't even jot down all the ideas racing through my head. Gah!!

My email: A tad boring I know.... sorry I didn’t inject it with a bit of humour or anything, I was in *rant mode*

Dear Sir/Madam,
I purchased 2 of the ******* toothbrushes a few weeks ago from my local Asda store and we have been quite happy with them.... However, the metal plate which holds the battery in is incredibly sharp. I discovered this when I attempted to change the battery yesterday morning (06/03/12) and it took a good chunk out of my finger (photo available if you wish to see evidence).  I asked my husband to take a look at it in case it was just me being dozy first thing in the morning but he agreed. He replaced the battery but now the brush won't work. He changed the battery on his own too to check if I had somehow broken mine altogether but his had the same problems: Difficult to change the battery without cutting yourself; Removing the battery bends the metal clip and bending it back correctly (again, without cutting yourself) to ensure it works seems impossible. I now have 2 of these brushes which only work when you stuff the battery casing with tissue to ensure the metal plate touches the battery but we have to leave the battery casing unscrewed else they remain permanently on. My finger is sore enough to prevent me from perusing my hobby (I make jewellery) and so I'm rather peeved to be not only out of pocket but prevented from doing something I love, even if only for a few days.
I look forward to your comments
Yours sincerely
A disgruntled consumer from Loughborough
Mrs Joanne Lockwood

I doubt much will come of it but I feel better for having a moan at them. I know it's just a cut and this time next week I will probably be beading again... but I wanted to bead last night! *whines* but it hurts!!

They are a Huge company and so should do their best to get it right and not injure anyone. Every time. Right??

Monday, 5 March 2012

That's All Folks....!

Well I 'think' I have visited all of the other 199 participants in Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Blog Hop to admire their handy work.... and Oh my, what amazing talent there is out there. It has been quite a humbling experience as well as quite tiring but Shed Loads of fun! Although the tiring bit could just be the man flu or the insomnia. No matter. I can relax a bit now! 

If you have not checked out my Bead Soup Partner's Fabulous Design,
This is an example of her lampwork. Beautiful!
Try her facebook fanpage too... she's only a few off 1,000 fans (hint hint!)

 I have been inspired by many things whilst 'hopping' and would like to thank All the participants for taking part and making it fun. Special thanks to Lori Anderson for all her hard work, especially with her being ill and in pain for most of it! Also, huge thanks to Dee Elgie for sending such a fabulous challenge pack for me to work with. I shall be returning to my comfort zone for a little while though, until I have recovered from it all and then I shall begin with the things I want to experiemnt with or take further: 
  1. Beaded Beads
  2. Wire Wrapping (especially having a go at making my own bead caps. Have no idea how yet...!)
  3. Mixed Media
  4. Allow my inner 'girlie' out a bit more
  5. Have a go at Vintage Glam
  6. Upcycle more
An upcycled piece I made in 2010

If I have not commented on your blog, please let me know and I'll pop over asap!

Sunday, 4 March 2012

kézzel és lélekkel: Blog Anniversary Giveaway

kézzel és lélekkel: Blog Anniversary Giveaway: What better moment to write my 200th post, than to announce the 2nd Anniversary of my blog? Yes, it's been two years... Two years of stit...

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Ta Daaaaa!

Today is the day of the great Bead Soup Reveal! I can't wait to go hopping. Hubby is on tea duty and my lappy is fully charged! For those of you who don't now what I'm on about... I entered Lorri Anderson's Bead Soup Challenge and was partnered with Dee @ Cherry Obsidia and today is final reveal and blog hop day :)

I can finally reveal my efforts for the challenge... I am quite pleased with the results. I'm not the sort of person that has a story to go with her projects, I don't get inspired by sea creatures, ocean tides or anything like that. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, a lot of my 'beady' friends are inspired in this way, I'm just pointing out that we are all different. My inspiration comes from the beads themselves and colour. It's that simple for me. So here goes....


For the first piece I chose to make a necklace because I tend to make bracelets all the time. I wanted to show off the crystal without encasing it too much, hence the nets of seeds. I also like to mix mediums and so finished it with an antique gold chain rather than making a seed bead chain which I often see with this style of beading. Although I have played around with netting before, this is so far from my usual 'style' it's unreal...

 I chose 'old gold' beads to bring out the flecks of gold in these lovely deep green goldstone beads and highlight the toggle clasp. My first instict was some simple stringing with tonal crystal and spacers or to bring suede into the mix, but again I felt I had to challenge myself and have a go at some form of 'beaded bead'. I'm not sure if I like this piece or not. I do want to experiement more with beaded beads now though.

 Three (x2!)
Earrings.... I don't make many pairs of earrings and so I thought I would have a go with the lovely Aventurine beads Dee had sent. Simple yet pretty I think.

And finally, Dee's beautiful focal.
 I wanted to keep it simple so as to not detract from the focal. I had so many fancy ideas but went with wire, ribbon and rubber tubing and some of the bicones Dee sent to bring out those lovely petrol colours. I'm not sure I like this finished piece either lol If it's not won in my fanpage draw I think I will re-work it.

So that's it, all finished. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and I hope everyone else taking part did too. Feel free to hop on over to my facebook fanpage (click on the jojo's beads banner) and vote for your favourite. The piece with the most 'likes' will become the prize. Everyone that 'likes' any of the 4 pieces (both pairs of earrings count as one piece) will be entered and a name chosen at random by a very clever widget. This lucky person will win the most voted for piece. Good luck!

Click on the banner below to visit Lorrie Anderson's Pretty Things Blog for the complete list of participants:

 OR use the splendid Linky Tool below to see what everyone else has created: