Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Killer toothbrush...!

OK I'm exaggerating again... :(
I felt the need to have a little rant today and so emailed a company who shall (for now at least) remain nameless. All joking aside (FB chat had me falling of the sofa with tears streaming), I'm really quite annoyed that such a silly, small object can cause a person injury. I can text, wash, type, drive... all the important stuff, but I can't bead! I can't grip a needle or a pair of pliers. Holding a pen is a bit of an issue too so I can't even jot down all the ideas racing through my head. Gah!!

My email: A tad boring I know.... sorry I didn’t inject it with a bit of humour or anything, I was in *rant mode*

Dear Sir/Madam,
I purchased 2 of the ******* toothbrushes a few weeks ago from my local Asda store and we have been quite happy with them.... However, the metal plate which holds the battery in is incredibly sharp. I discovered this when I attempted to change the battery yesterday morning (06/03/12) and it took a good chunk out of my finger (photo available if you wish to see evidence).  I asked my husband to take a look at it in case it was just me being dozy first thing in the morning but he agreed. He replaced the battery but now the brush won't work. He changed the battery on his own too to check if I had somehow broken mine altogether but his had the same problems: Difficult to change the battery without cutting yourself; Removing the battery bends the metal clip and bending it back correctly (again, without cutting yourself) to ensure it works seems impossible. I now have 2 of these brushes which only work when you stuff the battery casing with tissue to ensure the metal plate touches the battery but we have to leave the battery casing unscrewed else they remain permanently on. My finger is sore enough to prevent me from perusing my hobby (I make jewellery) and so I'm rather peeved to be not only out of pocket but prevented from doing something I love, even if only for a few days.
I look forward to your comments
Yours sincerely
A disgruntled consumer from Loughborough
Mrs Joanne Lockwood

I doubt much will come of it but I feel better for having a moan at them. I know it's just a cut and this time next week I will probably be beading again... but I wanted to bead last night! *whines* but it hurts!!

They are a Huge company and so should do their best to get it right and not injure anyone. Every time. Right??


  1. An Email reply from Procter & Gamble UK...

    "Hi Joanne and thanks for your email.

    I am sorry about the unfortunate incident you experienced when using our Oral-B Pulsar toothbrushes and hope you are feeling better. If you have required medical help please let us know so that we can follow the matter up for you.

    I have passed the details of your complaint to the departments concerned. A great deal of work goes into ensuring all of our products and their packaging are as safe as possible for our consumers to use. The batteries in our Pulsar toothbrushes are not replaceable and the toothbrushes are only deisigned to last 3-4 month.

    In the hope that you will continue to use our product with confidence, I am sending you a voucher in the post to reimburse for your recent purchase. I hope you will accept this with our compliments. Your voucher will be valid for three months. Please allow 7-10 working days for this to arrive.

    Once again may I say how sorry I am that you have experienced this problem and for any inconvenience caused.

    Kind regards,
    Consumer Relations"

    So it just goes to show.... they do listen! :) I don't remember it saying anywhere on the packaging about the battery not being replaceable but I'll make sure I read it when I use the replacement voucher. Yay for Procter & Gamble!

  2. Oh wow, killer toothbrush! And hysterical finger people!

  3. This must be one of the funniest posts I've read in a long time... the finger people are hysterical, indeed, like Lori observed. And your brushes might be killers - if they managed to take a chunck off your fingers... God know what they can do in the hand of a child :) Glad to hear they answered!