Wednesday, 14 March 2012

And the winner is....

Shirley Jones Moore! Well done Shirley.... please private message me with your address so that I can forward your necklace
Shirley entered my facebook fanpage giveaway after the Bead Soup Party (I'm so loving right now...) and will be the proud new owner of this when we catch each other up:
I must admit I will be sad to see it go. So sad in fact that I contacted Dee who made it because I wanted to buy more of her lovely lampwork. And as luck would have it, she's having a little sale so I managed to snaffle some lovely goodies! Check out her page for some delicious bargains: Cherry Obsidia

Talking of delicious bargains... I have treated myself to some beading goodies this week. As well as Dee's Lampwork I am expecting delivery of some of this lovely stuff:
Gorgeous hand dyed mixed thread selections from therainbowgirl on etsy 
Beautiful lace from Lacebeauty, also on etsy.

After Lori's Bead Soup I am feeling quite brave and I want to experiment with my beading a bit more. I'm even going to try some bead embroidery. I know! Very girly and quite a shock to me too!


  1. I'm loving The Rainbow Girls threads :)

  2. ooh! LIke the new background colour for you blog! :)