Saturday, 23 June 2012

DIY Lightbox Fail

Well, I tried!! I followed the instructions and everything and I just could not get on with it.

My lovely friend Basia put Photoshop on my lappy too but I'm struggling with it. Old dog new tricks & all that....

So I'm doing it my way. I have made my own version of a light box and lined it with white cotton (pillowcases). It's the fold out sort as apposed to one with a lid so when I fold it out I have more room to move and get in close. I take lots of pictures of each item and narrow it down to the best four images. Then I adjust the brightness to ensure the colours are true and that's it. No frills. Easy Peasy. These are some of the pictures I have taken. What do you think? I would greatly appreciate input and or advice :-)

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