Sunday, 8 January 2012

Bead Soup Party

Well I have not added to this for a quite while.... I put the lap top away for a time because I got annoyed with myself. What with facebook, blogs, eBay, weheartit (the list goes on...) I was spending far too much time on the darn thing. My day job is the usual organised chaos and quite frankly, I'm absolutely knackered.
Instead (on the evenings I manage to stay awake) I have been beading. Nothing out of this world, I've just been enjoying being engrossed in the colours & stuff and the sense of achievement I get from making something pretty. I like pretty.

 And I plan to continue doing more of the same in the new year. I must get myself a new sketch book. I often have ideas for pretties as I drift off to sleep or when I wake up and I really ought to jot them down before I forget. Yeah, yeah, OK, I forget things... lots of things. *blows raspberry*

I have just signed up for Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Party. I'm really hoping my name gets picked to join the swaps and creations (only 200 will be chosen). Thanks to the lovely Sarah over at Pookledo for the heads up.

I'm really quite excited! After re-discovering my creative side, I have been rummaging through my bead stash once more and feeling the 'need to bead'. Bring it on mystery parcel, I relish the challenge :)

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  1. Those pink crystals are just lovely! :)