Friday, 27 January 2012

Day 5 and counting....

This no smoking lark is, quite frankly, bloody hard work! Yesterday was pure Hell. I am normally quite nice and easy to get on with but boy did I have a short fuse. Luckily, Everyone I come into contact with was pre warned that I am experiencing cravings at a rate of wtf and so no harm was done. I haven't killed anyone, nor threatened to, so it could be worse. I am finding these feelings of aggression the most difficult part. It's like being on the PMS Ferris Wheel. Tonight's forecast? A right stroppy cow probably.

Those close to me have been very kind and helpful... and of course taking the piss a lot, which is a great help. No seriously... from my big brother... it Is a great help *chortles*. They also know when to just leave me the hell alone without me having to say anything. Now that's Really helpful.

I am coping well with the cravings with the help of the Nicorette Mist Spray though Sarah tells me I now smell like a chemists.... but then she agreed it was better than me smelling like an ashtray so I win.

I am determined to keep it up too and have been monitoring how much money I have saved... £32.85 so far! That's not far off a pair of these beauties.....

I have been looking for a couple of days at shoes to treat myself with when I get to a full month without cigarettes and I think this pair might be 'the ones'. Fab! only £47.14 to go....
But then again, aren't these gorgeous too?
Decisions, decisions!! Although I know I Will deserve these after being wonder woman for a whole month, my lil munchkin has had another growth spurt and now actually Needs new shoes as apposed to my mere Wanting. Soon though beautiful new shoes.... you will be mine!


  1. LOVE LOVE those red shoes Jo! It'll all be worth it in the end, hang in there! xx

    Wykesy xxx

  2. Aren't they lovely? I will deserve them! I've had a few set backs but I will keep trying. Thanks for your support hun xxx

  3. Perhaps you'd like to help your big brother give up. We had a chat about it on Monday, when i'd asked how you were doing. He wants to give up. Just needs some more gentle persuasion from someone else, otherwise I will end up turning into a nagging woman...which i'm not and I don't want to be. I told him it would be ideal, because now if he did give up, no one at work would be smoking!
    Me love you long time, Jaye xxx

  4. I'll try but he will only succeed if he really, really wants to....
    I loves yer more xxx