Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Bead Soup Challenge

My mystery parcel arrived today from my challenge buddy, Dee Elgie.
I was so excited I ripped it open whilst still at work. The girls joined in with the 'oos n ahhhs'. It's brilliant.

  1. An amazing glass focal made by Dee herself called 'Oilslick Twist'
  2.  Amazonite Beads
  3. Vitrail Light Rivoli's
  4. Size 11 Seed Beads
  5. A selection of 4mm Swarovski Bicones
  6. An antique gold tone Toggle Clasp 
  7. Green Goldstone Rounds

I am bowled over by the colours, one of my favourite combinations is blue and green. Whoever came up with the saying 'Blue and Green should Never be seen' was, in my humble opinion, quite barking. Have they never been witness to the beauty of a Peacock?!

I have not used Rivoli's before so that will be interesting! I'm having lots of fun sketching ideas already.

And OMG that gorgeous focal! I wonder how long it took Dee to make it? The colours are just amazing, sadly my camera skills are pretty rubbish and don't do it justice at all. I promise to do better for the reveal.

To see what the other 199 bead buddies are doing, click on the image below and check out Lori's blog. A list of all the other crafters joining the soup can be found on this page. Just click on their name to check out their blog...



  1. They are lovely! Can't wait to see what you make :)

  2. Love that oilslick bead. Just gorgeous. I have never used rivolis either - that will be a challenge. Can't wait to see what you do.

  3. Such a great bead soup! That oil slick focal is beautiful. Looking forward to seeing what you make with all those lovelies.

  4. What a wonderful selection of beads to work with. I'm blog hopping around to Lori's BSBP participants to visit all of the new blogs. You've a great blog and I'll be back...

  5. Love all the firepolish looking stuff in your bead soup, that focal is Awesome!

    Can't wait to see what you do with these for the BSBP!

  6. Glad you're inspired by the beads...I love making focals, definitely one of my favourite pieces, and I love using silvered glass because you just don't know how it will look when it comes out of the kiln! :)

  7. Beautiful focal! Love the colors!