Thursday, 15 September 2011

Birds & Beas...

Is he really that old already?! My 9 year old little ray of sunshine has been asking all those awkward questions these past few weeks so his Dad decided to have a little 'talk' with him. God only knows what he told him but he just giggles and refuses to talk to me about it now. It's quite comical but a little frustrating too. We have always been honest and open about as much as possible but at the same time tried to shield him from the stuff he simply does not need to know just yet so I have ordered this for us to read together in the hope that I can break this 'blush' barrier with my boy and let him know that Mum is approachable too and ensure Dad has done it properly (the talk that is...).

It has also brought back memories of my own Dad and our chats. He was always honest and upfront about such things and let me watch the likes of 'Porkies' vidoe's on our betamax when I was about 14, so I guess he was also rather broad minded! Your help would of been appreciated with this one Dad... Missing you xx

*Shakes self* Lighten up Jo! It's Friday Eve and time for Celebrity Juice.... Potato!!!

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