Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The Evil Weed

My doctor told me I should go out and murder people... !!
OK, so I'm exaggerating.... hugely. What he actually said was I should stop smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee. Same flipping difference if you ask me! These things keep me going and to give them up would make the lives of those living with and around me a living hell. Believe me, I have tried many times to give up the evil weed. The last time I made the valiant attempt my little munchkin was five years old and even he said 'Mummy, I think it's time you did a smoke' on day three. Bless him... I hope he's not scared by scary 'I need a bloody fag!' mummy.

As for coffee...  I'm pretty sure my blood is 20% caffeine. Without coffee there would be no get up never mind go! I'm an occasional insomniac and getting up of a morning is becoming harder with age, especially if I have been staring at the ceiling until stupid o'clock with a brain that just won't shut the hell up and let me sleep. Though I'm sure the getting out of bed (or lack of ability to) is also a hereditary thing. My siblings are the same and my parents too. I still remember Dad having cold mugs of coffee chucked over him to make him get up an hour after his alarm had gone off. I just sleep straight through my alarms (yes I have 2....). I have tried so many things to make me get up on time, I'm beginning to despair. Maybe it's time to invest in a cockerel?

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