Tuesday, 13 September 2011

What now?

Well I got my act together and sorted this blog malarky... and what now? To be honest I have no idea!  It's all very well my friends giving encouraging nudges in this direction but when faced with the blank screen I froze. Writers block already? This can't be good. I guess the best thing is to stop trying and just type...facebook one liners are so much easier!

This week has been pants so far (I know, it's only flippin Tuesday!) so I'll only bore you with the nice.  Don't worry, I won't be telling you what I had for tea (unless of course it was amazing).

My friend and colleague (Sarah aka Pookledo) and I have been having a good nose around the Internet to research a works project (secret...for now) and I found some fabulous things. I am usually inspired by colours of the season as in plants and such like but I'm so loving pink right now. Not baby pink or rose pink, I mean Pink! Bright and beautiful Fucshia pink. The sort of pink that slaps you in the face and yells 'Oi!' I never used to like pink. Is it an age thing I wonder?

So anyway... here's a little cheer me up celebration of Pink. Yum.

I was as impressed with the photography as I was with the pieces for sale. Gotta love a girl with attitude!  Check out magpievintage's blog for more info: 
http://magpievintage.blogspot.com/2010/10/rock-n-revolution-parisian-punk-rock_27.html#links and some stunning vintage jewellery.

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